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Warehouse Worker with Walkie Talkie

Jobs & the Economy

As your state senator, I will strengthen our economy.  Harrisburg can be an invaluable partner in economic development, and we must cooperate so a rising tide lifts all boats.  


I will promote policies that strengthen Pennsylvania-grown businesses, attract new employers to the Commonwealth, and empower workers.  You deserve representation that will put your economic well-being first.

Students in Science Class


As the landmark Fair Funding court case has shown, there is still much more work to be done in providing every Pennsylvanian child with a high-quality education; no one should have their educational opportunity determined by zip code.


We must fully fund Pre-K - 12th public education and give every Pennsylvanian child the tools they need for a happy, successful life.  No school in our Commonwealth should have mold, lead, or the lack of resources to remediate these problems.  Every Pennsylvanian should have the opportunity for an affordable post-secondary education, whether that is vocational school or college.


Charter schools shouldn’t rip off taxpayers and school districts by hundreds of millions of dollars, and teachers should be supported in the classroom.


As your state senator, I will ensure budget negotiations start with fully funding education, not giving whatever is left over.

Harrisburg State Capitol Building and Sign

Protecting Democracy

Your right to vote is sacred and we must never allow state officials or legislatures to overturn election results because they do not like them.  I will fight every effort to repeal mail-in voting, reduce access to drop boxes, or hinder your constitutional right to vote in any way.  


Counties will receive the resources that they need to run efficient, free and fair elections including giving clear guidance and support from the Department of State for curing ballots with mismatching signatures or voter information.  


We must get big money out of politics once and for all.  Pennsylvania must no longer be regarded as the “wild west” of campaign finance and must enact publicly funded campaigns, strict limits on big-dollar donations, and bring the people of our Commonwealth into the political process.

Doctor Examining a Child

Healthcare for PA

The cost of healthcare is crushing Pennsylvania families in every corner of the Commonwealth.  To alleviate costs, the General Assembly must take immediate action and help the people of Pennsylvania.  


There is no reason for insulin to cost more than $35 for a 30 day supply, and I will introduce legislation in the Senate to make that a reality.  


Efforts should be made at recruiting, training and educating more hospital staff to expand access and care in Pennsylvania.


Mental healthcare should be treated with the same importance as all other kinds of healthcare.  Investments will be made in juvenile school based care and adult care to help Pennsylvanians.


We should also explore creating a Pennsylvania-based public healthcare option to consolidate redundant programs and provide an alternative to uninsured Pennsylvanians.

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