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Photo of Cameron Schroy for PA Senate
Photo of Harrisburg Capital Building - Image by Andre Frueh

The Change
We Need

The Voice We Deserve

Cameron is running to represent you in Pennsylvania Senate District 33, Adams and Franklin Counties.

He is an educator, husband, volunteer leader, and civic advocate.


Make the Choice for Change

Photo of Cameron Schroy for PA Senate


Using My Voice to
Work for You

Cameron Schroy is a lifelong resident of Franklin County and will be the fighter that we deserve in Harrisburg. 


A career civics teacher, Cameron is passionate about raising educational standards and making sure every Pennsylvanian child has a shot at a great life. 


Currently the chair of the Franklin County Democratic Committee, Cameron is dedicated to taking on the tough fights that we need to win in Harrisburg.  From raising the minimum wage to climate action to fully funding our local public schools, Cameron is a believer in progressive values and positive change.


He has served as a local community and volunteer leader, including serving on the Greencastle Area Water Authority.  He has been a member of the Franklin County Democratic Committee since 2014, has represented the Democratic Party as a nominee for local office, and is ready to take on the tough challenges that lie ahead. 


Married to his wife Allex 5 years ago, they reside in Greencastle with their dog Linus and cat Luna.  

Photo of Cameron Schroy for PA Senate


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